December 18, 2009

Promised teasers

Ok I have the Prodigal's teaser however the Homecoming one is on hold. I have a really bad infection in my jaw that is messing with my head and I can't concentrate long enough to type. Let me have a few days on antibiotics and I'll get it up.

Prodigal Chapter 3 teaser *takes place 6 years later*

“Bella leave some hot water for the rest of us.” Rose yelled through the door.
“Shut up kid. I’m working on loosing these old lady bones of mine.” Bella chuckled and got out of the shower. Quickly she dressed and opened the door her thick hair wrapped up in a towel.
“Old my ass sis, your still under twenty five.” Rose grinned and hugged Bella. “Oh Bella I’m so glad you are home, these past six years, not seeing you, not knowing my niece they’ve been hard for me and even harder on Mom.” A sad smile crossed Rose’s face. Bella could tell Rose was thinking about their Mom’s injury.
“It’s just a broken leg Rose. I’m here now to take over her class. You can just go about your day,” Bella gave her sister a wicked grin, “what is it you do again?”
“I’m Carlisle Cullen’s paralegal.” Rose waited to see her sister’s reaction to this piece of news.
“You’re working for Carlisle?!” Bella yelled. “What happened to that receptionist job in Port Angeles?”
“I left it last year so I could cut down on my commute every day. I just didn’t tell you.” Rose backed away from her angry older sister.
“Rosalie Lillian Swan what in God’s name possessed you to work for him of all people?” Bella demanded. Suddenly her face paled and knees buckled, quietly she slipped down the wall on to the floor

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