December 22, 2009

Story updates

I am working on the final full chapter of Tempting Bella, I hope to have it out by tomorrow if not sooner. Also the epilogue is going to be short and I only recommend reading it if you do not plan on reading the sequel which will start some time after the new year. I want to have a couple of chapters written before I start posting it to speed up posting times.

Starts With Goodbye is starting to come it's end, there are between 5 to maybe 8 chapters left.

Casualties of Desire is going to be updating soon. This chapter has been extremely hard on me do to the nature of it. I am sorry that it is taking so long, but with the holidays and people around and having demands on me it's not really good for me to get all angsty with Kate's pov which is coming up in the next chapter. It's when she is getting the divorce papers from Emmett.

The Prodigal Returns *sorry about the name I let my cousin name it lol* will be updating after I finish Tempting Bella. The chapter is almost completely written. I will also say this is a short story probably only 12-15 chapters long. The reason? The issues are not that hard to resolve and these two kids love each other too much to keep them apart for long. Though it might change depending on my readers.

Homecoming, the amount of responsive reviews I have received for this story is mind blowing. I am in my spare time *which isn't much right now* working on the next two chapters. I feel a great responsibility to this story now I want to make sure I do this right. So when I start to post it regularly it will be my main focus story. I will say there is no RAPE in this story. Bella was not at any point sexually abused. Mental abuse can do more harm then a fist.

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