December 22, 2009

Tempting Bella teaser pt2

Twenty minutes after that we are back in my Camry of which I’m feeling better and better about how much I shelled out for it after seeing the prices on some of these other cars, when Edward yells for me to turn into the next dealership. His yell isn’t mean, no it’s the excited yell of a boy who has seen the most wonderful toy. His face is lit up like it’s Christmas morning and I know my car whisperer has heard the call of his new car. And I have this feeling it is going to be an expensive call to answer.
And I was right Edward has bought some Italian sport car called a Maserati Quattroporte S series. And of course he had to get all the trimmings and extras so now he is around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars poorer. Not that it matters to him that I could have bought a really nice house for the price of his car. No he’s busy doing a happy dance and talking about how hot the car is.

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