February 17, 2010

Homecoming chapter 8 pt 2 teaser

Charlie POV
Esme had called me late last night to let me know the kids were all passed out asleep in Edward’s room. From what she said they all had disappeared from Edward’s party and when she and Carlisle went looking for them, they were found spread out around Edward’s room with a movie going, and a whole lot of snoring. She also told me she took pictures so I can see later.
I was excited to find out how Bella did at the party. Did she have a good time? Were people nice to her? I wish I could have gotten off duty so I could stay the length of the party, however I have taken a good bit of time off lately and couldn’t swing it. I trusted Carlisle and Esme to watch over her though. And over Emmett as well, of course.
My sweet Bella, when the boys brought me dinner the other night and said she had made it, and had especially made up a to go plate for me, hell it warmed my old heart. For someone who has gone through heaven knows what kind of horrors in her young life to put others needs before herself and she did so without even having to be asked was just amazing. I was coming to realize my daughter was an extremely caring and responsible individual. So vastly different from her mother. Thank God.
The sound of Emmett’s jeep pulling up got my attention. Flipping on the tv I leaned back trying to act nonchalant.
“Hey Dad.” Emmett said coming in, Bella was right behind him.
“Hi.” She says softly.
“Hey kids. Did you have fun?”
“For the most part.” Em said with an exaggerated sigh. “To many people, too much drama. You know basic high school crap.”
“What about you Bella?” I asks my quiet daughter.
“It was ok, a lot of food and music. And I danced with Edward.” She smiles and I swear she is glowing, uh oh I owe Carlisle ten bucks. Damn. “I’ve never danced with someone before, he was really sweet and patient when I stepped on his feet.” She gives a cute little giggle. I swear that is the most I’ve ever heard her say at once.
“Sounds like it was fun.”
“Hey Dad, do you mind if Vicky comes with us to the BBQ on the fourth?” Vicky?
“I don’t mind, you know that. Between the Cullens, Blacks, Clearwaters, Whitlocks and us there is more food than anyone could ever eat.” I look at my son, “You know the Hales pulled out this year right?”

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  1. Wow, the whole family pulled out? Is that because they're supporting Rose? But what did Rose tell them. Hmmm, all questions to be answered soon I hope!

    Congrats on only 56 more days til baby! Mine should turn 10 months on the 30th, but there isn't a 30th this month. Hmmm, does that mean he'll turn 10 months on the 28th or on the 2nd of March. :)