February 14, 2010

Thanks to my sister and update info

Thanks to my sister I now have a better Homecoming gif :) If any of you are interested in the code for it let me know. *edit: I posted the wrong one my bad*

There is a smaller version too, I just didn't want to overwhelm the site with blinkies

There will be an update of Starts With Goodbye on Feb. 28th, after that it will be on Hiatus for an undetermined length of time. I will explain why in the last update before the Hiatus.

Tempting Bella is being reworked right now, there has been content changes and a lot of errors have been fixed. I am doing this to prepare for the sequel. Which I am working on, yes I have been working on it. As of right now my plan is to write the whole thing and then start posting it after the baby is born so that your still getting updates from me when I am not going to be around as much.

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