March 5, 2010

2nd Homecoming chap 10 teaser

Hi lovely readers,
First please note that the lovely Kat Kennedy and her blog Cuddle Buggery is now an affiliate! Stop by her site and show love ya'll ;0)

So if you don't know by now I'm sick. Like really sick, and feel crappy so updates are going to be a little slow. I do have half the next Homecoming chapter written though. So I hope to get it out by Thursday at the latest. And the polls closed so there will be interviews, I'm going to open up a post where you can leave your questions as comments and I will pick some questions to asks the characters.

On last thing before I post the teaser. There has been some confusion about my stories and their status. The only story that is officially on hiatus is Starts With Goodbye. Casualties is being reworked and cleaned up as soon as I feel better, and PR and Homecoming are still going strong. As soon as I'm well I'm going to start working on getting ahead in my chapters so when the baby comes I still have something to post. We'll know more once Alexander gets here on what the posting is going to be like. Now without further ado the 2nd teaser:

The next thing I can remember I’m curled up in the back of the Cullen’s SUV next to Charlie, who is lightly stroking my hair. My eyes burning from crying. I feel spent and achy. I haven’t really cried in so long, that it has taken a toll on my body. Along with all of that I really need a tissue for my clogged up nose. Ugh I hate crying.

We soon pull into Charlie’s driveway, he gently picks me up and carries me up to my room, though I try to protest that I can walk he says he doesn’t want me to pass out again. Esme soon enters my room and helps me change and gets me into bed. She lightly tucks me in, kisses my forehead and whispers goodnight.

It was all so sweet and caring more than I’m used to, more than I’ve ever known. And though I’m tired I can’t sleep, something is wrong.


  1. Thanks for posting the teasers, hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than being ill.

  2. Don't push yourself. Rest a bit while you still can! Have I told you how much I love that you post teasers? I like it very much thank you! Okay, now I'm getting tired. So, nighty-nighty. Tweet you tomorrow.

  3. Thank you both for your support :0) A new chapter should be out by this weekend and I'm heading to the docs for this never ending cold today lol