March 12, 2010

Tempting Bella outtake 2 last teaser ;0)

After getting home from the hospital and a little sexy times to make up for being interrupted Edward and I curled up in our bed and slept like the dead for a long time. For once I woke before him, and though it is two in the afternoon, I’m going to make breakfast in bed for my man.

Tossing on one of his t-shirts I go and brush my teeth before heading down the stairs to make his favorite, homemade blueberry waffles. Yes I’ve spoiled him, but it’s all good I put him through hell with my running, so I’m making up for it by being the best girlfriend I can be.

Thirty minutes later, a cup of his cappuccino and a plate full of waffles and syrup are on the bamboo tray I’m toting up the steps. Even though it’s two thirty in the afternoon I’m loath to wake him, he is sleeping so soundly. Covers pushed off, his naked backside making me damp in a good way. His bronze hair tousled even more than usual, ok that was probably my fault,, I kind of held on to it last night while shouting gitty up. Yes we played cowgirl. And it was good.

“Edward.” I call softly. He just groans and a little and nuzzles into the pillow.

“Edward.” I say a little louder. Nothing. “Edward I’m naked and horny.” He flips over and sits up, eyes popping open. Works every time.

“I’m ready.” He says, and his morning wood is there and waiting. But I promise I will feed him before I ride him. Oh and give him is Valentine’s day gift.

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