April 9, 2010

Homecoming chapter 15 teaser

Bella's POV

The back of my mind kept hoping that we’d get another reprieve, that somehow this date would once again be put off. Much to my dismay it wasn’t. Now I’m standing in the hallway of the Clallam county court house waiting to face the woman who gave birth to me. The woman who treated me horribly for the majority of my life so far.

“Bella be careful, you’re not used to heels that high.” Esme smiles as she stops me from falling. It’s true, I generally wear flats, or what Alice calls kitten heels. Today she has me in almost three inches of heel. Thankfully I was able to talk her out of the dress without hurting her feelings. I was going to be uncomfortable enough, I didn’t need extra skin exposed to make me feel any more uncomfortable.

“Isabella Swan?” A male voice calls from the doorway leading into the room I know holds Renee.

Charlie, Edward and Emmett testified before me, and because I was a witness they asked if I would wait in the hall until called. I was called a star witness. What I really wanted to be was a witness back at Charlie’s watching some mindless sports with he and Emmett and day dreaming about the feel of Edward’s lips on mine. Sadly once again in my life I’m going to be put in a situation I would rather not be in.
“Here.” I answer softly.

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