April 1, 2010

Prodigal Returns chapter 9 teaser

Sorry this is taking so long, I did have the chapter almost written then the great computer crash of 2010 got me, and I lost all of it. But I have started over, and to prove it, here is a teaser. I hope to have this out by the 7th :0) if not earlier.

Rosalie was seething mad after catching Bella and Edward kissing. Not kissing so much as humping in the front yard. What the hell was Bella thinking? What kind of power did Edward have over her sister? Rosalie knew she needed to get Edward out of their lives, out of town. Hopping in her car she drove to the Cullen family home. Raising her hand to knock the door flew open and stud boy was standing there.

“Didn’t we just leave you at your house?” He asks, all cocky and sexy, damn him.

“I need to talk to Edward.” She says.

“Do you have an appointment? Mr. Cullen is a very famous important man.” Rosalie swore Emmett was getting off on this.

“Where is he?” She demanded, pushing past him into the foyer.

Rosalie didn’t really want to be alone with Emmett. After seeing him so sweet with Emma, right after beating James up for Rose’s honor she was a little confused. When he was on the ground tickling her niece she looked at him and could see a future with mini-Emmetts running around. It fucking terrified her.

“Not here for you princess.” He taunts. Rose reached up a hand to smack him, he grabs it before it makes contact. Rosalie leans in towards his face.

“Where is your boss?” She demands right into his face, and heard him mutter “what the hell” before kissing her soundly on the lips.

Rose fought for all of two seconds before kissing him back. His tongue was in her mouth and it felt almost like his dick ramming her core, the sensations in her body were so intense. Rose’s leg hitched up and Emmett pushed her back against the wall and took the leg in his hand, grinding into her. She could tell he would be massive. His other hand wound in her hair moving her head in directions that he wanted, he was in control.

“What the hell?”

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