May 12, 2010

Chapter 19 teaser *Homecoming*

Also posted on the thread but for those who don't like the threads here you go!

Edward's POV

After that Jasper got permission from my Dad to take Alice out without alone, I called Charlie and he also said I was excused from chaperoned dates. Bella he said came home happy and glowing so he wasn’t as worried. He explained that before he was cautious because of Bella’s fragile emotional state, and the fact that she is extremely shy. Though after giving his permission he did take the time to remind me he owns several guns and has a badge. I gulped nervously, told him that I did in fact remember that and thanked him for the honor of taking out his daughter.

Bella. Sighs. Oh shit I’m becoming Alice.

After our group date I knew that I wanted to keep going out with her. Behind that scared girl that her Mother created was a wonderful young woman. Bright, funny when she gets the nerve up to joke, and beautiful in both body and soul.
And when she bites that bottom lip. Damn. I can’t suppress my horny teenage boy groan.

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