May 28, 2010

Prodigal Returns chapter 10 teaser

Yes I am working on an update, it's taken me awhile, but it should be out by Wednesday. Here is a little sneak peek....

“It’s time Edward, tell her the truth.” Jasper said out loud. He just wanted to make sure that Edward understood the look he gave him, the one that said it’s time. Jasper’s guilt over this situation has never ebbed. He needed this to finally come out. Even though he got his precious Alice out of this mess he still grieved the loss of his friend Bella and his in a way his brother. Without Bella it was as if Edward functioned, got through the day, but he was no longer alive.
“Bella I honestly don’t know where to begin.” Edward moaned and ran his hands through his hair.
“Start that morning, the one where I walked in on that slut over there wearing the shirt I helped you pick out.” Bella told him through clenched teeth.
Alice groaned a little at being called a slut, but kept quiet. She knew that she deserved Bella’s wrath right now, she just hoped that when the truth came out that they could become friends. Alice just knew that Bella would someday be as close a friend to her as Edward is.

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