June 7, 2010

Final Homecoming Chapter 20 teaser

So chapters 20-22 are pretty angsty, I won't lie. I will try to add some of the fluff and lightheartedness to the mix but a lot of things are going to come out. Chapter 20 is almost finished as is chapter 21. Though I got a little behind, due to deleting out all of chapter 20 at one point because it wasn't flowing right. But I'm almost done with it now. Here is a little teaser to tide you over...

Bella's POV
We made it to the Northgate Mall and Esme insisted on going to Macy’s first. Which where I found my dress. It was cute, it covered where I needed to be covered and it actually made me feel pretty. It was three stores later before Alice found her dress. Esme then treated us all to manicures, followed up by the big pretzels they carry in the mall kiosks.
“Girls are you ready to head home?” Esme asks us sweetly. I nod and Alice agrees with a smile.
“Yes, we’ve got everything we need, and I want to see my Jazzy today.” She still sighs whenever she says Jasper’s name, it’s cute.
We follow Esme out to the parking lot and go in search of the car. Unfortunately it was in a different row than we thought. Just as we were going to get into the car a loud voice drew my attention.
“I told you to get in this fucking car. How stupid are you?” The voice was female and it sent a shiver down my spine.

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