July 28, 2010

Homecoming 25 Teaser

Bella’s POV
Alice arrives at exactly eleven am. She comes in with her dress tossed over her shoulder and trudging behind her was a very tired looking Carlisle. Who is carrying two large hot pink makeup travel cases. It was amusing to watch the tall and very manly looking doctor carrying his itty bitty daughters pink cases like her own personal pack mule.
“Morning Bella.” Carlisle greets me.
“Good morning Dr. Cullen.” I reply shyly. I’m still a little nervous around him, I can’t help it. He raises his eyebrow and smiles. “I mean Carlisle.” He grins.
“Hey Bella, are you ready for a day of making us even more beautiful than we already are?” Alice is bubbly and bouncing. I think perhaps she has imbibed in a little caffeine.
I learned the hard way never to let her have caffeine, Edward refers to it as The Red Bull Incident. I call it the day Alice went insane. She was talking so fast and moving so fast that I ended up calling Charlie at the station to come help me get her out of Newton’s Outfitters, where she was yelling about hunting gear all being in ugly shades, and that they needed some more fashionable colors if they ever wanted her business. She then picked up some of the fake worms and screamed about selling them was cruelty to animals, I have no clue where that came from either. Both Mrs. Newton and I were ecstatic to see my Dad show up.
My Dad.
“Earth to Bella?” Alice giggles while snapping her fingers at me.
“Sorry. Yea, I’m ready.”
“Let’s go beautify!” She fist pumps reminding me of Emmett and I relieve Carlisle of the makeup cases.
Here goes nothing.

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