July 13, 2010

To The Extreme chap 3 teaser

*unbeta'd teaser*
Bella's POV

“Not a good idea right now Seth.” I tell him gently. “I know he’s your best friend, but Edward is well…” I trail off trying to figure out how to explain I don’t want a lot of attention on this, whatever this is with Edward. At least until I figure out what it is. Edward is a little famous, not like Tom Cruise, paparazzi following you everywhere famous, but he is well known. And I really don’t want the world to know my business.
“Ok, ok.” Seth says dejectedly. Then he gets this grin and it reminds me so much of Charlie that my heart hurts a little. It’s his, I’m gonna make you a deal grin, Charlie used it when he wanted to get me to do something I didn’t want to do, like go fishing with him. God I wish I’d gone more often. “If Edward becomes your boyfriend, maybe I can take Riley to a race or something to meet him, if I keep quiet now?” Oh God.
“We’ll see.” Is all I promise. He winks, knowing that I always give in. Freaking little brothers.
“Well my dears, I have a hot ass piece of man meat of my own waiting for me upstairs, and I’m going to retire for the evening.” He looks at me through his mascara laden eyelashes. “And don’t think you are getting off this easy missy.” He makes a little hmpf noise and waltzes out with all the grace a six foot six drag queen can muster up.

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  1. SWEET! I love it and i cant to read the next chapter ;D