August 5, 2010

Homecoming 26 Teaser

Edward's POV

“Hi.” I say softly. She jumps a little and turns. When she sees me a beautiful smile crosses her face, and then a small v appears between her brows, she nervously bites her bottom lip.
“Hi. Umm I hope it was ok that…” She trails off pointing at the milk.
“It’s fine Bella, mi casa, su casa.” I assure her. “Make yourself at home.” Just to make her feel better I go and pour myself a glass of milk as well. “So you couldn’t sleep either?”
“No, every time I would fall asleep I’d wake up having a nightmare so I gave up.” She says softly, cuddling Noel to her.
“Ouch, at least I just stayed awake, nightmares suck.” I sympathize with her.
“Yes.” She smiles at me again, the v gone and all thoughts of playing Wii go out of my head.
“Hey how about you and Noel come up to my room, I’ll pop some popcorn and we can watch a movie or something on tv?”
“Ok, but umm don’t make any popcorn for me please.” She replies.
“Then no popcorn.” I laugh. “I was only making it in case you wanted a snack, I kinda over did it on the junk last night.” She nods in agreement. “I’m gonna grab a bottle of apple juice, want one?” She nods. “Plain apple or cran-apple?”
“Plain it is.” I smile back at her and after grabbing the drinks we head up the stairs.

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