March 10, 2011

To The Extreme chapter 11 teaser

Hey all the chapter is coming along nicely. The beginning of it has some drama, but I'd like to think the rest of it has a return to the humor that I so love bringing to this story. For those of you who reviewed the last chapter I have sent out an exclusive teaser, (if you reviewed and didn't get the teaser let me know)and here is the final teaser of the chapter a little bit of Tea with Esme....

“Oh.” Is my only response, I can now understand his loyalty to his batshit crazy cousin after she saved his ass. And I guess that also explains why he didn’t warn me about her, maybe somewhere in his subconscious he wondered if I was going to be like that Alana, and if I had a heads up then I wouldn’t show my true colors.

“Bella we are not trying to make excuses for him. My son should have known better, and trust me no one can punish Edward better than he can punish himself. He’s a brooder, and a bit of a masochist. According to him he doesn’t deserve your forgiveness, and he is expecting you to tell him at any moment to go to hell.”

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