May 11, 2011

To The Extreme: Seth's Story

Every wonder about Seth from my story To The Extreme? Well you can find out more about how he saw Bella and Edward's love story, and get a little glimpse into their lives ten years from when the story is taking place. All you need to do is donate to an awesome cause ;0) For more info and to check out the other writers (there are almost 300 of them) just go to The Fandom Fights the Tsunami blog.

For now here is a little sneak peek ;0)

“Who is the best sister in the world?” Bella asked. My birthday cake all but gone, the presents open, and we are lazing around on our old couch.
“You.” I told her. It was true, why lie? How many other girls her age would take on the raising of her teenage brother?
“So, I was thinking, I know clothes are kinda lame for a birthday gift—” I interrupted her.
“Bells, I love the clothes.” I knew we were pretty tapped out, and Bella spent way too much to get me some cool name brand clothing.
“Good.” She gave me a warm smile. “Hopefully you'll love these too.” She handed me an envelope. I opened it and my breath caught in my throat.
“Holy crap!” I jumped up and grabbed her in a huge hug. “You are like the best sister ever, in like the history of sisters!” I scream and do a stupid happy dance. I may have squealed a little, but I'd never admit to it.
“Well, umm… glad you like them.” She coughed a little and I'm reminded of our Dad, Charlie. Sometimes too much emotion could make them uncomfortable.
“I freaking love them, Bells. Thank you so much.” Great seats and backstage passes? How could I have not liked them?

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