November 2, 2011

Good News

At least I think it is lol. I'm working on getting my writing mojo back. All this stress and real life shit has/had me in this big funk where writing wasn't happening. Today I actually wrote 600 words on the Homecoming update *happy dance* and I'm trying for some more.

Now on to a more serious note I have written 2 o/s for charity one is for the Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief and one for Mal and Leo . I encourage all of my friends and readers to check both of the charities out and donate.

For Mal and Leo I donated the O/S Please Don't Leave Me which is a New Moon AU crackfic/romance/drama:

Bella’s POV
Of three things I’m sure. One, Jasper almost bit me. Two, Edward wasn’t taking that well. And, three… nope. Just two. I was really hoping to come up with three again, but it’s just two this time.
It has been sixteen hours since the ‘uh-oh that was my eighteenth birthday party’. I told Alice I didn’t want one, but as usual she didn’t listen. So, instead I ended up with stitches, an emo vampire boyfriend and having to sit through class without said emo vampire boyfriend. So, imagine my surprise when I came home from school to find the Cullen—whom I voted in my mind to most likely end my life—waiting in my bedroom playing with her hair

For the Fandom4 Texas Wildfire Relief I wrote a drama/mystery called Someone Else's Baby

I pop the door open only to see a short girl I’d never seen before in my life. Forks is small; and I know or have seen everyone in town. Her, on the other hand, I’ve never seen. I feel a little uneasy, I’m not big on strangers but it is likely that she just got lost and needed directions.
“Hi, can I help you?” She looks up at me with deep brown eyes.
“Isabella Swan?” I nod, and she fidgets and twists her fingers in her black hair. “The Isabella Swan who gave birth to a baby girl eighteen years ago yesterday?”
I can feel the color drain from my face and I step back ready to shut the door. I look at the dark haired girl and shake my head in the negative.
“I’m only thirty-two years old. I think you have me mixed up with someone else.” Her face falls and I almost go to comfort her, before pulling back.
“But… but… it has to be you. We look so much alike,” she cries out and takes a breath, looking me in the eyes. “I’m your daughter,” she says with certainty.
“I don’t have a daughter,” I tell her with as much certainty, “I think you should go,” I tell her gently, shutting the door. Walking over, I dial my brother’s phone number. “Emmett....” I cry out, feeling the world go black.


  1. This sound so good i so want to read it :D

  2. where can i find this story,
    or kristina ferrara on facebook

  3. Wow! When r u going to post these stories?