December 13, 2011

Our First Thanksgiving chapter 10

Here is a small chapter 10 teaser ;0) Something is cooking in the Swan-Cullen household and it isn't just the bird warming up the place....

“Edward.” I call in the doorway of our room. Nothing. “Edward it’s time to get up.” I tell him standing beside the bed. His only reply is a grunt. “Eddikins…Eddie Eddie gumdrops.” I taunt him and he growls. Pulling the blanket down I expose his naked arse which I lean over. “Hmmm I had some cinni-bons and they were good, I wonder what some Eddie-bons taste like?” I take a quick nip off my man’s fine ass and he growls louder rolling over and pulling me with him.

Edward’s arms were caged around me and his sleepy sexy face looking into mine. Mmmm sleepy Edward is sexy, Bella likes. My perverted mind is thinking off all the wonderful things she can do with sexy sleepy Edward when he cuts her off by kissing the ever loving shit out of me. Soft warm lips pressed to mine, I love him enough to ignore that faint hint of nasty morning breath as his tongue starts to explore inside my mouth.

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