February 29, 2012

Homecoming 36 Teaser

The chapter is about 3/4ths done and going to be heading for my beta sooner rather than later so I thought I'd share a little teaser with all of you. I know I suck at updating and I promise I will get better at it here soon, life is starting to calm down *fingers crossed*. 

 Before the teaser I just wanted to share that I've started a little blog giving reviews of the stories I read, I love books and I'm a fool for paranormal romances especially ones with a humorous twist to it. I've only put up one review so far, I'm trying to get the design of it underhand while working on a couple of future review postings but I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on the books so far. It's called From Vamps to Dragons http://fromvampstodragons.blogspot.com/ and while it is nothing right now I hope to make it into a fun book blog *that looks a lot spiffier then it does right now lol*

Ok so now what you have been waiting for.....

Spoiler/teaser after the break...

I still can’t believe Emmett, Edward, Rose and Jasper all graduated today. The ceremony in the school gym was long and stuffy. And not just the speeches were stuffy. A heat wave had hit Forks and the school gym’s air conditioning was broken. Ninety degrees in June was really hot for this area of the country. Thankfully though the ceremony had been over for a few hours now and we were all lounging around the Cullens’ pool. The outdoor one.
To make it easier on everyone Dad, the Cullens, the Whitlocks and Hales all had one large graduation party at the Cullen home for all the kids. They split the cost, and we all pitched in decorating. The Cullens’ house one since they had a huge pool and the most space.
Edward was busy adding to my urges by walking around shirtless in a pair of board shorts. And about those urges, don’t Google them you will get porn. After getting no help from my no longer faithful friend Google I broke down and asked Liz. She smiled and then laughed when I told her Charlie’s version of the sex talk. After getting his permission she sat with me and gave me a better understanding.

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