April 4, 2012


Hey all I just wanted to drop a line in and tell you about 2 great causes that I'm now involved with. Both of these causes are going to get a submission from me for their wonderful compilations. These causes are near and dear to my heart because they are all about children. As mothers, grandmas, God moms aunties, and the few daddies, uncles, etc out there that read me, we've all known a child, loved a child. Think if it was the child you loved born to soon and struggling for life. Or what if a child you loved had to wonder where his or her next meal was coming from? For a donation you can help changes these kids lives for the better, and get some kick ass reading material (some of these authors are amazing people just look at the list). So think about it and if you can afford it please, please help change these babies lives!

(Just wanted to let you all know by accident I missed the FFP deadline so unfortunately I won't be part of the compilation but I urge you all to please donate to the cause!)

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