May 29, 2012

Fandom for No Kid Hungry update

For those who don't know I'm donating a piece for Fandom for No Kid Hungry. Originally this was going to be a o/s that took on a life of its own and has been shelved to become a full length story. Instead an o/t from Homecoming, where Bella confronts Renee in jail is going to take its place. You have until June 1st to donate to a worthy cause and sign up to get the compilation that will have not only this but pieces from so many great fanfiction writers. The site has a list of them so you can check it out. Just remember this cause is to help keep kids from starving, not just abroad but at home as well.

For those interested I've posted a little teaser of the o/t after the break, since my lazy butt didn't meet the teaser deadline for the compilation site.

Cautiously, without acknowledging her either I sit in the chair opposite her and steeple my fingers in front of me, lifting my eye brow and leaning back in my chair like I had all the time in the world. I’d seen Rose use this method when getting Em to bend to her will, and was trying my best to channel her at this moment.

“Hello Bella.” After a moment of looking anywhere than at me she acknowledges my presence. Her voice is like a million razor blades ripping into my new found confidence at once, it takes all I have to hold it together. “Have you finally come to apologize to Mommy for killing your step-Father?” She turns her cold eyes on me and a chill flashed down my spine. “Or maybe you’re here to recount your awful lies so that I can get out of here. You know it’s only a matter of time before everyone realizes that you were just fibbing and they let me go.”


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