December 22, 2013

Between Then and Now

For those who don't know I have started posting the new story Between Then and Now (used to be Power Play) As of now the prologue and the 1st chapter are up, with the 2nd chapter posting this week. Some of it is pre-written, so I'm trying for every Wednesday or Thursday updating (not both days just 1 or the other). As of right now I have been giving out sneak peeks of the next chapter for reviews, and I've actually kept up with that (does happy dance). I know there are questions about some other stories that I've written that need to be updated, just know I'm getting to them, a lot of things are going on in my life so I'm focusing on this story since my muse is working for it right now.

I'm giving a blog exclusive preview of chapter 2 after the break for those interested.

Bella's POV

"Okay, now we only have to find Carl. He has to be around her somewhere." Her blue green eyes wide, she looked almost as excited as a five year old on Christmas morning.

"Calm down, girlie, you'll get us kicked out of here before we can even find your bio Daddy." Rolling her eyes, Rose grabs me and drags me out towards the more crowded section of the party.

Looking around, we easily blended in with the crowd. While there was a major contingent of people wearing designer clothing, some wearing way too dressy for a garden party, others were in more modestly priced gear that would make our clothing seem as if we belong.

"Over there, that is Esme Masen-Cullen," Rose whispered in my ear, jerking her head towards a group of women talking. I recognize her right away. We'd seen her picture enough since Rose found out about her parentage. Esme Masen-Cullen was a beautiful woman with Carmel colored hair, hazel eyes, standing about five seven, barely looking 35 let alone almost 48. She seemed so together, and from all accounts we've read, she also had a huge heart. He creamy colored lace dress screamed class and it underlined her natural grace that seemed innate in her.

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