January 19, 2014

Between Then and Now Chap. 6 teaser

Here is the teaser for chapter 6, which I am working on as hard as I can. Remember regular posting day is Wed or Thurs.

Bella’s POV

  After Church Sunday Rose and I head back towards Seattle. The night before all of us had hung around the fire pit in my folks back yard, with the dogs and my Grandpa Hank. It had been peaceful after Rose and Aunt Irina worked things out. I have to admit I was worried. However, thankfully things worked out without Grandpa having to get his gun, like he offered Rose.
  “So what did Aunt Irina say?” I ask Rose as I drive.
  “Basically that she understands why I felt the need to see Carl, but that she wishes I had gone about it another way. She also said that she wished I had warned her ahead of time, so she could have been prepared in case he decided to confront her before I had a chance to get there.” She gives a weak smile. “I think her biggest point though was no matter what she loves me, and that she’ll never stop loving me. She also said if I want to get to know Carl, and he wants to get to know me then she doesn’t want me to hesitate for fear of hurting her, because she is over him and over what happened.”
  “Did you believe her?” I ask a little shocked.

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