January 10, 2014

Between Then and Now Chapter 5 teaser

This one is unbeta'd since I was a bit late getting it to my beta, so there might be some changes in the final draft. However, here is a look at Chapter 5, and who's pov it is from...hope you enjoy.

Esme’s POV

The kids were acting funny, looking back at the house then at each other. Emmett seemed perplexed as well, and as he is the most easy going person I know, it was a dead give away that something was up.

Well that and the fact that my husband had yet to show up to the party.

“Esme darling you’ve outdone yourself this year.” Carmen Martinez, came up to give me those oh so fake but oh so used often in “society” air kisses.

“Carmen, so glad you like it dear.” I tell her, though I really want to send all these people home, pull on my yoga pants and chill out in front of the tv with a good sappy Lifetime movie.

“Your lovely assistant Alice seems to have everything in hand for you darling. I bet you have to do so little now that you have her trained so well.” Said with a smile like a complement, the stab and both myself and Alice didn’t go unnoticed. I really sometimes wish we could just give all our money away and go live in some small town with real genuine people, instead of so many of these backstabbing jerks.

“Alice is a gift, and I’m ever so grateful for her assistance.”

“As you should be girl, let me tell you I’ve tried to bribe her away several times but she never wants to leave you.” Jane McCarty, Emmett’s Mom and perhaps one of the most genuine and loving people I know chimes in, giving Carmen a look that has her trotting off.

“Bless you Janie.” I tell her with a wink and she holds back a full on belly laugh.

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