February 2, 2014

Between Then and Now Chapter 7 teaser

Sorry that there was no update last week, like I've warned with medical issues going on with my Mom I might not always be able to update like I want to. I pretty much the one taking care of her, and I also have other responsibilites added to it so writing time (and initiative) isn't always going to be avaliable. But here is the teaser for this week's chapter.

  “So I sent in my application to EC Games last night.” Rose informs me as we awe over Duncan Caine.
  “Cool, hopefully it will work out for you.” I mumble around a mouthful of cheddar numminess.
  “I hope so too. The pay is amazing, plus I’d be doing something I love to do.”
  “Rosie baby you have to be the hottest nerd I know.” I laugh as she smacks me upside the head.
  “Like you’re not a nerd, how many books are on your Nook?” I give her a glare.
  “I plead the 5th.” She just laughs harder. “I should probably call my Mom, and let her know what is going on.” She tells me on a sigh.
  “You know I’ve been thinking Rose, if we do go to dinner there, maybe we should hold off letting Aunt Irina know about it, I mean what if Esme Cullen is a ninja and wants to kick your Mom’s butt or something?” Did I mention the large amounts of Arbor Mist we are also consuming?
“I was kinda thinking that myself.”

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