August 21, 2014

Between Then and Now Chapter 11

Here is the teaser for chapter 11, sorry about the wait, real life and my own writers block issues...don't worry I'm not going to bitch and moan this time.

Side note, thanks to all of you who sent me notes of support I've been trying to reply but some of them haven't been going thorough, so just know if you haven't heard from me THANK YOU and I appreciate the love..

Now here is your teaser.

Bella's POV

"Asshole.” Alice growls out that last asshole and I can’t help but agree with her. “Excuse me I’ll be back in a minute.” She stands up and walks away.

“Alice gets very protective of those she believes have been harmed or mistreated.” Liam smiles after Alice. “She probably just needs a moment or two to pull herself together.”

“I should probably go check on her.” Jane frets.

“Janie, my love let her be for a moment.” He pats his wife’s hand and they share a look.

“Anyone else excited about football season starting up again?” Emmett asks into the silence that follows and soon the table begins to chat about the Seahawks chances at another run at the Super Bowl.

“Hey I have to take this call, its about a sale.” Jasper informs us all after his phone plays the Marky Mark I Need Money song from the early 90s.

“Go ahead son.” Esme waves him off. “We are just glad he changed his ring tone from The Humpty Dance.”She shudders. “Imagine dinner with the Governor and that song comes on.”

I hold back the shudder that reminds me of Carlisle’s little threat and try to pay attention to the conversation around the table

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