January 5, 2015

Want the 1st 3 chapters?

Ok for anyone who wants the 1st 3 chapters of Homecoming The College Years, a short never before released one shot and an epub/pdf/kindle compatible version of Homecoming, and Tempting Bella with the visual aids included please read the rest of this message, for the rest of you if you have a heart and could careless about the writings but want to help PLEASE keep reading.

Very close personal friends of mine need help, Linda was in the hospital for months and has over $25,000 worth of medical bills and now she passed away before she her insurance completely matured so her family is faced with not having the money for a funeral (and they don't qualify for government programs).  So I am doing a one woman fundraiser, sorry but I have no idea how to pull together a compilation and even though I have donated to many of them both fiscally and with my writing no one seems to be stepping forward to help me out... so bitterness aside For anyone who donates, you can do it annon, just send me the receipt and you can donate as little as $5 and receive all that I'm offering of my Twilight writing. For those who donate $20 or more they will get all that and the prologue and 1st chapter of my completely original novel that is almost complete. So if any of this sounds good to you please, please donate!http://www.gofundme.com/LindaTaylorMF

Below is what this campaign is about:

This campaign started out as a fund raiser for medical bills, and has turned into a fundraiser for a funeral. Unfortunately Linda has passed, a month before her life insurance was to pay out at full value. So instead of the small $10,000 policy she left to care for her funeral bills, the family is getting around $1,000. That won’t even pay for cremation. So I beg of you to please keep this family in your hearts, and prayers and help these good people out. Linda spent the last few weeks of her life in pain, in hospitals, lets help give her a happy send off to make up for several years of pain from cancer and weeks of suffering in a hospital bed with a tube shoved down her throat.

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