November 3, 2018

I suck I know!

I have not abandoned my fics, I just am stuck and haven't been able to get going on them. Honestly I think I put to much pressure on myself, especially with Homecoming the College Years, because I didn't want to disappoint anyone. Plus I had some really nasty anon reviews that just got to me. My skin isn't as thick as it should be I guess. 

So I'm trying to get my writing mojo going again. I'm thinking I might just do a o/s or a quick drabble to clean the cogs out and get going again. I may do an outtake for something, but something is coming. Like I said I just have to get myself going again 

Once I am able to get going again, I'm hoping to go into all my unfinished fics and start getting them finished. So fingers crossed here I go again trying to get this done. If I ever do abandon my fics and just give up I promise I will tell you!!

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