November 22, 2009

Christmas present

So I'm writing a little Christmas present for my readers. It is a one shot set at Christmas with umm a DILFward ;) in honor of my baby who is due 04/25/2010. I suck at math so I put the tracker thingy up. Well this is the first sneak peak of the Christmas story. I've yet to name it lol. Hehe and here is my tracker too.

“Hi Dr. Cullen.” I noticed then that one of the two women was familiar and a patient. Angela Webber.
“Ms. Webber how are you?” I asked politely. I had to admit I was a bit embarrassed that my child was acting like this in front of a patient, it didn’t show me in a great light.
“Fine and yourself?” She smiled kindly, she was such a sweet girl.
“I’ll be better once I get these two home.” I then noticed Lilly clinging to the other woman. “Lilly sweetheart it’s time to go home so we can be there when the tree comes.”
“No.” She held onto the woman tighter. I swear in all my thirty two years I’ve never done anything to deserve the terrible twos with my daughter. Tony you barely noticed them. Lilly she was a candidate for Supper Nanny or some show like that at times. Other times she was my angel child.
“Yes.” I fired back.
“Sweetie I think you should go with your Daddy.” I heard the soft voice that gave chills down my spine.
I then looked at the woman who was now holding my daughter, and the breath was knocked out of me. Long brown hair a few inches past her shoulders. Big brown eyes that were filled with warmth and kindness. She was small, but her body was a sight to behold. I had an overwhelming urge to hand my children to Angela and take the other woman on the ground and brand her as mine

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