November 22, 2009

CoD teaser

Here is a small teaser for the next Casualties of Desire :)

“Alice really it’s the fucking weekend don’t you sleep?” Edward was complaining to his cockblock of a sister.
“Please the way you two go at it I’m surprised Little Eddie doesn’t have permanent damage or at least ride burn. You can handle one morning away from Bella’s vagina so she can talk with me.” I laughed.
“But can I handle one morning away from the wonder peen?” I asked sitting on my husband’s lap and kissing him in a very inappropriate way in front of his sister. Eat that CB.
“Eww Bella, that’s my brother!” Alice sounded like a two year old. And after feeling Edward get hard as a rock under me I got up gave him a naughty wink.
“Let’s roll Ali cat.” Edward groaned. “Husband I love you.” I giggled.
“Wife I love you even if you are a minx and a cock tease.” He smirked.
“Baby I’m only a tease if I don’t plan to follow through.” Alice groaned and Edward looked at me like he wanted to collect right there. “Later baby.”

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