December 25, 2009

Homecoming teaser

I forgot to post the chapter 3 teaser for Homecoming so I thought I would do that tonight.

Edward POV
Em and I have been watching tv for over an hour and it has been quiet up in the land of girls. I’m a bit worried my sister has taken Bella hostage to force her will upon the poor sweet girl. Bella is now a victim of Alice’s need to beautify the world.
“How much longer?” Emmett asked for the fifth time.
“I have no clue.” Seriously dude they are girls I have no idea.
“Hey kids.” Charlie comes in from work in uniform smiling. I don’t think he has stopped smiling since he found out he was getting Bella.
“Hey Dad.”
“Hey Charlie.”
“Where is Isabella?” He says her name with reverence like she is the most precious thing in the world.
“Alice is holding Bella hostage upstairs doing girlie shit to her.” Emmett tells his Dad.
“Bella?” Charlie smiles again.
“Yep she told pretty boy over here she prefers to be called Bella. It seems if we want her to talk all we have to do is have Edward around.” Em laughs.

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