December 25, 2009

Tempting Bella

Thank you so much for your support with Tempting Bella. As promised there is an outtake, it should be up by New Years Eve, I'm trying to decided which one to post.
I did get some comments on how they got the twins and how people wanted to see the proposal and wedding, these are not the outtakes, those are chapters in the sequel.

As for the sequel it will be up sometime after the New Year. As much as I love the TB Edward and Bella I need a short break from them while I finish up a couple of other projects. I promise to have the first chapter up by at the very latest Valentine's Day. Since I already have it written I know I can keep this promise. However I want to get most of the story written before I start posting so I don't make you wait as long between updates.

I love my readers and I want to once again thank all of you for all your support and encouragement with my little stories. I honestly don't deserve it, and I am humbled by it. Have a wonderful holiday season and a great and awesome New Year. You will be hearing from my soon!!!!

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