December 3, 2009

New CoD teaser

Ok so I'm working on the next update for Casualties of Desire, here is a little teaser. A bigger one can be found at the Fictionator's Blog.

Riley’s POV
Uncle Edward is so funny. He tried to make me pan-a-cakes but they caught on fire. Auntie Bella is going to fuss at him for that later. I’ve heard her tell him many times not to play around in her kitchen, guess he’s gonna get a time out.
“Uncle Edward where is Mommy?” I haven’t seen her since last night and she looked so sad then.
“Buddy Mommy isn’t feeling so good so she is in bed sleeping. You know how it is when you’re sick and you don’t feel like playing?” I nodded. “That’s how she is feeling right now. Don’t worry Aunt Bella and I are going to take care of you till she is better. Wanna hit up Denny's for some pancakes that we can actually eat?” I nod and he gives me a warm smile and goes to look for his keys so we can go to Denny’s for some food.

Oh and I'm 2200 words into this update :)

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