December 5, 2009

This weeks fan fiction recommendations

Ok since I'm pregnant with no life lol I decided to do a weekly feature with ff recommendations. Let me know if you like this feature or if you have any story recs so I can read them and if I like them recommend them too :)!

Ok 1st up is The Hotel Meyer *or anything by KatKennedy cause she rocks!*. The official summary: "When their inheritance is on the line, lifelong enemies Bella and Edward are forced to live and work together for the sake of family, business and the ultimate goal: money. As the battle for control and power heats up, so do they."
My summary is: It's funny and at times you want to knock their heads together. Bella is classic in this calling Edward "Dickward". Just give it a shot ;) The writing is awesome, the plot is hilarious and she updates often.

The 2nd is Awaiting Isabella by the wonderful ilusweets. The official summary: "As a writer, Bella prides herself on seperating fact from fiction. After moving into a new house, strange things start to happen and fact and fiction are no longer clear cut. With help from medium Alice and brother Edward, will the truth be revealed?"
My summary: Ghost Edward Masen, real life Edward Cullen both look alike you know yummy and sexy. There is a night of ghost sexing and another night there is a sleep over with the live Edward. It's a great plot, solid writing and I can't wait for the next update!

Ok since this is a trial run I'm just doing two of them today. If I get a good response I will try do more than two ;)
Ok back to my sick bed.