December 8, 2009

New Story teaser

Ok here is the first bit of my newest story that will be coming out soon. Just a little teaser of it.

Charlie POV:
I got the call at eight in the morning.
“Charlie Swan?” A vaguely familiar female voice asked.
“Yes, may I ask who is calling?”
“This is Renee.” Holy shit what was she doing calling after all these years? “Are you there Charlie?” She was still a sarcastic bitch.
“Yes Renee, and what do I owe the pleasure of this call after over sixteen years?” I could be sarcastic when I wanted as well.
“Charlie last year I got married and we want to travel the world and have adventures. We can’t do that with your daughter hanging around. I’m signing her over to you Charlie. You’re finally getting what you wanted all those years ago.”
I let out a gush of air. My baby girl the one I had seen once in her whole life was coming to live with me. She’d be fifteen now almost sixteen, the daughter I’ve never known. The one the cold harpy on the other end of my phone stole out of my life with threats. The fear of losing my son as well as my daughter is the only reason she got away with it.
“When?” My now parched throat cracking on the word.
“My lawyer is faxing all the paper work to the police station this morning. You’ll need to sign a few things I’m guessing. However she will be on a plane tomorrow morning heading to you. Her flight details will be included in the faxed information.” I swear the woman’s voice is like an ice cube.
“Renee these papers are giving me primary custody or joint?” I had to know.

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