December 7, 2009

New Story info

So Tempting Bella is almost over and Starts With Goodbye is coming to a close soon *it's true only 5 chapters left there* and my story ADD doesn't allow for me to work on just one. Since I've been sick this idea has been rolling around in my head for a new story.

It's called Homecoming and as of right now I have the first two chapters done. I should be working on the other stories but as a writer, you work on whatever one is talking to you at the moment and this is it.

I'm thinking of posting the first chapter to see if anyone actually would want to read it before I work my butt off writing it lol. So for those who check this, and I get pms on from people who do, keep a look out for it. I will post here as well as twitter when it actually goes up.

Now I'm going to find something funny to read until I pass back out asleep.

Love and hugs

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