December 28, 2009

This weeks fan fiction recommendations from me and Rob ;)

Since it's a holiday week and weekend I figured I'd add a few extra recommendation since there is a little more time on our hands (ok probably not but anyhoo) here we go....

Controlled Burn or as I like to call it the hottest rated T fic I've ever read. I HIGHLY recommend this one. It might start out just a little slow but it's funny as hell and Edward is HOT!!
Summary: Bella has always joked about marrying Alice’s much younger brother so she could be a part of her best friend’s family, but now he’s all grown up and hot. Bella tries to control the burn for him, but it quickly becomes a raging fire.

Exes and Ohs is a great story with just the right amount of drama and a DILFward that I'd love to hump ;)
Summary When social worker, Bella Swan takes a possible abuse call, the last thing she expected to see is the hunky doctor whom she's been secretly panting over to be the one to answer the door.

Play Date Another DILFward but really give it a shot!
Summary Bella Swan is a 23-year-old single mom with a daughter who is 3 years old. Edward Cullen is a 27-year-old single father with a son who is 4 years old. The two meet one night at a get together with friends and family and hit it off.

Small Town Gossip is just plain amazing. You start out wanting to smack Edward and end up wanting to marry him and never let him go. Be warned you will want to cry for Bella. She finds out a secret about her life that completely rocks her world.
Summary While going through her parents' attic, Bella uncovers a secret. Looking for answers leads her to Forks, WA; and ultimately changes everything she thought she knew about herself.

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