December 27, 2009

Yep I'm entering a contest

So there is this cool new contest out there called To Kill a Cullen And I've decided to enter it. Being me I had to go the funny route. Here is some teaser info on my entry that should be finished by Tuesday it's off with a friend being reviewed right now.

1. My victim is Rosalie.
2. My killer is Em.
3. Em kills Rose because 1 he is sick of her bitchy behavior and 2 she is sleeping with... *yep not telling you that*
4. Now the lead up to this is a little comical and there will be some flashbacks, and yes it will be rated M for language, violence and lemons!

Here is the a preview from the lead up ;)

Carlisle looks beyond pissed, not that I can blame him I mean Edward and Bella got arrested for sex in a public arena, again. Seems since the repressed virgin duo popped their cherries and turned the human girl vamp we can’t get them to stop going at it. Shit, even Rosalie and I have never been busted for that. It’s kind of funny seeing as Charlie was the one to arrest them last.
“Kids what am I going to do with you?” Carlisle ask. He is clearly frustrated, and I can see where Edward picked up the habit of pinching the bridge of his nose. Yep good old Pops passed it on.
“Sorry Carlisle.” Bella says, if she could blush it would probably be an epic one right now. So red she burst into flames or some shit.
“Yes Carlisle I apologize.” Edward adds grabbing Bella’s hand to show support.
“Seriously the two of you need to calm down or I’m buying Bella a steel reinforced chastity belt and holding on to the key. The first time I brushed it off because you were newly mated and at the drive in. The second time Esme talked me out of my anger. Of course the fact that it was at a Volvo dealership was enough of an explanation, before you came along Bella Volvo was Edward’s lover. He kept a picture of his car in his room to masturbate to. I put it down to stimulation. This time I can’t let it pass.” He stops and shakes his head.
“Where were they this time?” I ask. I had been out hunting with Jasper when this all went down.
“They broke into the high school and were going at it on their old lab table.”
“It was where we met.” Bella gives Edward goo goo eyes and oh shit their not?! Edward growls and jumps on her and clothes are flying.
“Edward Anthony Masen Cullen!” Esme shouts in shock. Jasper is getting hot and bothered by this, I can tell he’s pitched a tent and is sending out lust waves. Ung I need to find my Rosie!

Ok let me know if this sucks!

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