January 23, 2010


Sorry this is late, but if you read my previous post you'll know I'm having some writing issues because of a bitch that attacked this story. I honestly almost pulled everything. I have some of this chapter written about 1500 words of it, I don't know when I'll have the rest done. I'm trying for 3500 and up per chapter for this story. However if my writers block last for more than two weeks I'll go ahead and post what I have, it is complete enough to be a small chapter. Here is the teaser I promised.

Charlie's POV
After Carlisle’s call I decided that it would be best to talk to him alone. I pulled Emmett to the side and he agreed to take Bella out for ice cream. He wanted to take her to the bowling alley but I was a little worried about the amount of people there without me to protect her, and also if there was something wrong with her and she shouldn’t be exerting herself then bowling would be a bad idea. I placating him with the knowledge that he could take her there another day.
“Charlie.” Carlisle greats as I open the door after his first knock.
“Carlisle, how was work?” I’m trying to be patient and polite man, just tell me what is wrong with my little girl.
“Work was fine, I avoided the two banes of my existence Nurse Stanley and Nurse Mallory.” We shared a joke, Carlisle is a devoted family man who is madly in love with his wife. All but two of the women on staff at the hospital respect that. In fact he has a wonderful working relationship with everyone except Stanley and Mallory, or as he calls them slutty nurse one and slutty nurse two.
“Still offering stress relief?” I joke.
“God I worry about what kind of morals and values they are instilling in their daughters with the way they act.” He shook his head in disgust. “Though we both know I’m here for more important matters and I think you should take a seat.” I give him a grim smile and we walk into the kitchen. I pull us both a Vitamin R from the fridge and we sit facing each other across the kitchen table.
“Alright, hit me with it.” I steel myself for the worst. He pulls out a bag and hands it to me.

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