January 26, 2010

2nd Homecoming chapter 6 teaser

Since this chapter is taking so long, by the way I have almost 5000 words written on it so far, I'm adding a second teaser :0) This is in Emmett's pov

I notice that it is getting dark out so I load her back into the jeep and head back the old homestead. I’m relieved that Carlisle’s car isn’t at the house, so I’ve obviously done my job and kept Bella occupied while they had their little talk. And hopefully Dad will fill me in on what the doc had to say.
“Have fun kids?” He smiles, but I can tell something is wrong.
“Yes.” Bella smiles back at him and I swear Dad’s face explodes with happiness. Maybe our talk did her some good.
“It was a blast old man. Ice cream yummy goodness.” I give him two thumbs up and plop down on the sofa. I pat the seat beside me and Bella takes the hint and joins us. We spend the next half hour trying to explain the ins and outs of the baseball game we are watching with her. It seems all we have done is about put her to sleep.
“Bella sweetheart if you are tired you can go to bed.” Dad tells her. She grins and lightly pats me on my hand. She stands up bites her bottom lip and looks at Dad intently, then blushes and stares at the floor.
“Dad I’m going up to PA with Jazz tomorrow to get Eddie’s birthday gift, can I take Bella with me if she wants to go?” She nods her head and looks at Dad expectantly.
“Of course you can go.” He smiles again at her enthusiasm. Then pulls out his wallet. “Ok

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