January 18, 2010

The Prodigal Returns teaser

Teaser :)

“I was busy living my life Edward. You turned me so cold that I didn’t even cry.” She had cried many nights but there was no way she was letting him know that. “I had just buried my Dad, Edward and in that same period of time I buried my hopes, my dreams and everything that we had. When Alice Brandon came out of that room you died to me too.” Bella felt cold inside of the car’s heated interior. The flash of that dreadful day chilled her to the bone.
“Kitten.” He said harshly like it was ripped from his throat. He reached for her knee and cringed when she pulled away from him. None of this was like he expected it to be. “Bella we were kids, we didn’t know what life could throw at a person and you had a land slide of bad come at you, but…” She stopped him with a wild laugh.
“You bastard!” She screamed. “Landslide of bad? My whole damn world crashed around me in less than three months. I lost the two men I loved and trusted the most, and in order to protect my child I ended up in a one bedroom apartment with Maggie and Felix. I worked, went to school and raised a child all at the same time Edward. Over the past six years you have become rich, famous and a critical success. All of your dreams came true, all of them handed to you by a beautiful talented woman, all you had to do was be her man whore and crush me. So tell me Edward, was it worth it?” Anger poured from her, he could tell that one wrong word and he’d be roasted.

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