January 12, 2010

Homecoming teaser

Here is the latest Homecoming teaser, I hope to have this updated by Sunday. (sorry added the rest of it lol)

Huge. Edward and Alice’s house is huge, no more than that it is humongous. God I can’t go in there, I don’t fit into that world. I’m not rich, I’m not pretty and I have no idea which fork and spoon go with what. I’ll make a fool of myself. Maybe that’s why I was invited, for entertainment value.
“Come on Bella.” Emmett laughs opening the car door for me. See I’m already his entertainment.
“It’s so big.” I mumble and he laughs harder.
“Dude it is bigger on the inside. Get this they have an indoor pool!” My eyes bug out of my head.
“Really?” Only people on tv have that.
“Really. I’ve swam in it a few times.”
“Bella! Emmett!” Alice comes running down the front steps and pulls us both into hugs.
“Hey Shorty!” Emmett picks her up into a bear hug. I tentatively pat her back. I’m really not used to being touched, slapped yes, hugged, no.
“Hello Swans.” Edward, God he’s beautiful like an angel trapped on earth. Bad Bella don’t think thoughts like that. Besides the fact he’d never look at you in a million years as more than a charity case tossed upon his friends, you don’t want to become the slut Renee accused you of being.
“Hi.” I say softly. Edward smiles and my insides tingle.
“Hi little one. You look very pretty tonight.” Of course I blush and glance down at the pale yellow and white sundress. Charlie and Emmett dressed up so I thought I should as well.


  1. Congrats babe!

    I read about your awesome success with Homecoming! I'm so happy for you!


  2. I just saw this, thanks so much hun :)