January 5, 2010

Some advice to writers

I know I'm not the best writer in the world but I just want to help all these aspiring fan fiction authors to be able to get more readers. While a good plot is the most important thing, people aren't going to read it if looks like crap or they can't understand what the fuck you just wrote. Here are a few tips basic shit that should have been learned in language arts and English classes during fourth-twelfth grades:

1. Names are always capitalized. So is I. If you write "And i didn't..." It is wrong and looks bad. If it is a mistake once or twice it's no big deal but constantly it makes it look like you missed 7th grade English class.

2. Don't send one of the characters off to collage: A collage is a piece of art. You send them to college: a place of higher learning.

3. Learn the right use of here/hear. Examples. "I can hear the bells." "I'm here, I'll always be here, I'll always love you."

4. Learn They/Their/They're examples: "They will arrive at five." "They're coming round the mountain." "It was their honeymoon."

5. If you misspell your summary, no one is going to want to read your story.

6. Proper spelling of characters' names: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen (note: Masen not Mason) Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, Emmett McCarty Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Jasper Whitlock Hale, Mary Alice Brandon Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Platt Cullen, and Renee has 2 Es. If you have a question about other spelling of names feel free to ask me :)

7. This is not putting anyone down, it is my way of trying to help out fellow fan fic writers.


  1. Wonderful advice.

  2. I'm glad someone has finally said it. I think if they need to know what to capitalize, the only real advice is to tell them to get a beta.