January 28, 2010

Update and recommendations.

Ok happy news the next chapter of Homecoming is with TwiDi my wonderful beta. She is also cleaning up the Prodigal Returns for me. She is so kick ass wonderful.

Next story update is Casualties of Desire, because I have most of it done. I do have 1000 words of Starts with Goodbye written, so I promise I am trying to work on it.

The Tempting Bella sequel will not start posting on Valentine's Day it is being pushed back, but to make up for the fact that my real life got in the way I am writing a longer new outtake to post on VDay.

Also I am taking down Jasper's Guilt, but I have a reason for it that will be revealed later. Now I'm off to read some fanfiction. I want to recommend a story though that is well written and has very few people reading and reviewing it. Keeper of the Stars It is pure Bella and Edward romance fluff, so nice to read. And it has some good lemon work ;)

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