January 27, 2010

The Prodigal Returns teaser

Chapter 7 teaser as promised

Without a word the two traveled back to their childhood home. As they ascended the stairs of the back porch Rosalie had the strangest chill go up her spine and Bella stopped cold in her tracks.
“James?” Bella’s ex-boyfriend sat at the kitchen table with her mother and child.
“Isabella darling how are you?” His smooth cultured voice that she once found so stable and comforting now made her feel ill.
“Oh never better James. You’ve done me the greatest favor letting everything out of the bag like that.” She said with fake sincerity.
“I’m glad, now don’t you think it’s time to come home Isabella? This game has gone on long enough.”

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  1. Eww yuck James is such a creeper, can't wait for chapter 7 :D