February 22, 2010

Casualties of Desire teaser

First if you love me could you vote for my fic Day Emmett Had Enough Voting ends tomorrow.

Ok I'm still working on the update, I deleted half of it because I just didn't like it. Here is a tiny little teaser:

“Bella, Edward?” Carlisle’s voice called us.
“Come on in Dad.” Edward beckons his Father.
“Bella, darling girl I am so sorry.” He rushes over and places his hand on my cheek. Looking so sincere and red eyed. I can tell my father in law has been crying.
“Thank you.” I softly say back.
“Bella we are going to keep you overnight for observation. I’ve already cleared it for Edward to stay with you.” I give him a genuine smile. If I have to endure this place, at least Edward will be here with me.
“Thanks Dad.” Edward rewards his father with a smile as well.
“Now I know this is a bad time, but I’ve gone over Dr. Whitlock’s notes Bella. While there was nothing he could see to cause problems in the future with conception, I would feel better if you would have some test done. I just want to make sure that you are ok, and that if you should get pregnant again that this isn’t going to cause any problems that we have to worry about.”
“What problem?” Edward asks.
“How much did Dr. Whitlock tell you?” Carlisle asks seriously.

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