February 23, 2010

Prodigal Returns

Here is the second teaser for the updated slated for Feb. 28th posting :0)

“Edward you pretty boy lackey is standing on the front porch looking for you.” Rose told Edward in an offhanded manner.
“Rosalie dear, didn’t the poor man want to come in?” Renee inquired of her youngest child.
“He asked if Edward was here, which to me was so dumb because Edward’s car is in the drive. I said yes and he just stood there so I shut the door in his face.” Rose said simply. “Edward I think he maybe slow, then again he is a man.” Rose gave a short laugh and looked at James. “Kent, your still here?” Calling James by his last name, then she turned to Renee. “See Momma men are slow.” Winking at Bella she wondered back into the living room where her niece was playing. Privately Rose could admit that Emmett McCarty was a stud. The perfect male body and he unnerved her. But no one else, especially not him needed to know that.
Bella walked out and let Emmett in, apologizing for her sister’s rudeness. Bella wondered to herself what it was about Emmett McCarty that made her sister act out like a third grader? All beat up a person you’re getting a crush on so they’ll notice you. He was attractive in the way to handsome for his own good way, a little too bulky and bearish for Bella’s taste. He was nowhere near Edward in looks or pure sex appeal.
“Bella.” James grabbed her arm as she went to walk thru the kitchen doorway. “We need to talk, in private.” His eyes were wild and were reminding her of that night she wanted to forget.

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