February 26, 2010

Homecoming 9 teaser

Here is the teaser *un beta'd* for chapter 9. I call this chapter Take Me Out To The Ball Game, OHH SHIT! lol.

“Oh before you and Bella go over to Vicky’s,” I’m still wondering what Em’s relationship with the girl is, “I’m taking Bella to the school. We have to finish getting her registered, and Mrs. Cope wants to get her picture for her student id card.” And I want to make sure that they have enough time before schedules to come out to get her in as many classes with Alice as possible.

“Want me to come with?” Emmett offers around a mouth full of omelet. Bella hides a giggle at the sight.

“If you want.”

“Sure. I can show Bella around if Mrs. Cope lets me. Maybe I should get Eddie to meet us there, Mrs. C will do anything for him. She has some cougar crush on him. What is it with girls and Edward, seriously he’s a ginger.” Emmett laughs, and Bella glares a little.

“Ginger?” She asks quietly, but the tone is a tiny bit pissed off.

“It’s a term for redheads.” Em says, looking a little nervous.

“Edward has bronze hair, not ginger.” She says firmly.

“Ok, ok.” Em looks at me a little smirk playing on his mouth. He loves to get her going. And Bella has been even more overprotective of Edward since he gave her Noel.

“Charlie, Alice says she is spending the night tonight, is that ok?” Bella looks sweetly at me. While Alice would never ask, she’d just show up, Bella was polite enough to check to make sure it was ok.

“That’s fine sweetheart. Just make sure you both get to sleep at a reasonable hour, we have to leave early for the game tomorrow.” She nods.


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