February 26, 2010

Prodigal Returns chapter 8 teaser

Chapter 8 teaser ;0)

Emmett sat in the seat behind the driver’s seat. He was a little stunned and a lot amazed at how true it was about small towns. As long as you knew the right people, you could get away with about anything. Nothing was even added on to his record. Clearly the last name ‘Cullen’ meant a lot here in Forks. It was a nice town. Maybe Momma would like to live here, he pondered.

Rose looked over at stud man, as she had dubbed Emmett. He reeked of money, power and breading. You could almost smell the boarding schools and debutantes on him. So, why did this refined man jump automatically into a fist fight to defend her honor? And where the hell did he learn to street fight like that?

Bella sat staring out the passenger window. The events of the day settled into her mind. Edward had found out. Hell! She had found out just how much Edward still lived in her thoughts. Subconsciously, she had been crying out for her lost love. Though, did she still love him? Could she forgive? Was this worldly man that now sat beside her the same inside as the teenage man-child whom she had loved so much? Questions kept rolling in her mind. She couldn’t fight them, it was like the floodgates opening and nothing stopped up the flow until it was ready to stop itself.

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